Arc Dust


Arc Dust is a Wyoming LLC headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. Arc Dust has developed a proprietary processing system for the refinement of high value ore reserves to produce Gold and Silver Good Delivery Bars. The proprietary system is capable of extracting, processing, and refining precious metals at cost-effective, high volume yields.

The founders developed its proprietary systems alongside members of its Board of Advisors consisting of world-class senior PhD scientists in the disciplines of plasma physics, nuclear physics, material science, electromagnetics, and chemistry; holding Q-Clearance at the Department of Energy. Our scientists have led research projects at Los Alamos National Labs, Sandia Labs, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Stanford Research Institute, and NASA for over two generations. They have obtained numerous patents for inventions and published dozens of scientific papers and books.

The Company’s mission is to lead the precious metal industry as a technologically advanced metals processor. Our proprietary systems enable The Company to position itself at the forefront of competitive precious metal processing companies. Our modular system design ensures automated, 24/7 year-round operation. This contributes to high value job creation and significant local economic development while ensuring a stable and reliable investment opportunity.

Arc Dust LLC Provides:

Worldwide Network

There is no substitute for being based in a particular region to fully connect with the some of the key players in any business. This is particularly true in the strategic metals world. Arc Dust offers proven experience in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.